RSJ Financial Planning can help businesses and individuals to navigate the complex and, sometimes bewildering array of investment options, without baffling you with jargon.

For our clients a critical issue is maximising returns in relation to the level of risk they are willing to take. Balancing risk against potential return is an important aspect of investing.

At our initial advice meeting we identify your financial objectives for investing; whether it is to provide an income, growth or a combination of the two.

We also discuss and determine your attitude to risk. We then identify and recommend the different types of investments that would be suitable, allowing for your objectives in life as well as available tax reliefs and allowances.

We then recommend a portfolio to match your investment objectives against risk.

We will also (depending on the service level selected by you) carry out regular structured review meetings.

We are not tied to any life office and our qualified team use their independence and impartiality to help identify the most suitable policies and investments from the many and varied alternatives on the market.

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We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to give independent financial advice on the best use of a wide range of investment opportunities.

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