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RSJ Financial Planning is an Independent Financial Adviser Practice specialising in Investment Advice.

We are able to arrange bespoke income protection which will cover part of your income if you can’t work because you have fallen ill or due to an accident. But we will only recommend cover following a thorough review of your financial and personal circumstances.

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Income protection cover pays out a tax-free monthly sum and is designed to cover living costs while you are not working and will continue to pay out until you return to work. If you can’t return it will continue to pay out until your intended retirement date.

We advise many self-employed clients, in particular, in this area. After all, the self-employed lack benefits enjoyed by (some) employees, such as comprehensive sick pay, which will protect them if something goes wrong.

Income protection cover will always directly reference your own income level, however there are a host of decisions for you to make when setting up a policy. We work with clients to guide them through the features and benefits: your budget will ultimately determine whether we arrange for the most comprehensive cover possible, or whether we arrange for less expensive cover which whilst not affording you a level of replacement income which can ensure your living standard is maintained in full ought to at least provide enough income to cover essentials.

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