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At RSJ Financial Planning we have over 30 years’ experience of advising our clients on pensions, retirement planning and investment. It’s more important than ever to make sound financial plans, backed up by trustworthy impartial advice.

We are Independent Financial Advisers and we provide friendly advice, tailored to your personal needs and circumstances. To read more about what you can expect from us click here.

The new pension landscape means that many of the old objections to saving for the future via a pension have been removed. There is now greater flexibility providing you with more retirement options.

You can benefit from:

•    Tax relief on contributions (although subject to personal income, annual and lifetime restrictions)
•    Lump sum or regular contributions either personally or from your business
•    Tax free growth of investments within your pension
•    Holding commercial property inside your pension
•    Tax free lump sum payment from age 55
•    Unlimited pension withdrawal from age 55
•    Passing your pension on to your family inheritance tax free

Many people now have several different jobs in their lifetime and therefore their pension savings can be fragmented across various policies and providers. So, as well as setting up new pensions we will review any existing plans along with their charges and performance and help you create a plan for the future, which will include an assessment of how much you should be putting into your pension. We will also help you to ensure that your pension contributions are tax efficient.

If you are approaching retirement age now, we will guide you through your options by carrying out a full review of the market.

We are also specialist in Self Invested Personal Pensions and Small Self-Administered Schemes (SIPP & SSAS).

Self Invested Pensions - SIPP & SSAS

We find our approach is particularly valuable here, allowing pension planning, tax planning and wealth management to come together. We have helped clients use SIPPs and SSASs to achieve the following:

  • Use of pension funds to purchase property for the business when other funds were not available
  • Tax planning for property investors
  • Separation of business premises from to trade to allow for business to be sold and property retained
  • Funding of business using load from SSAS
  • Reduction of corporation tax using in-specie contribution of property to pension scheme

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