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RSJ has over 30 years' experience of advising clients. We can advise you on the wide range of choices facing you as you consider how best to protect the interests of your family in the event of your death, in the event of you being diagnosed with a critical illness, or simply in the event of the loss of your income. We will only recommend cover following a thorough review of your financial and personal circumstances.

Life cover can provide a sum of money to protect your family should you die, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Critical illness cover gives your family a financial cushion to help them absorb the impact of serious illness. It pays a single lump sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions covered by the policy. It does this as soon as possible after your diagnosis, so that you and your family - have the money to hand while you’re being treated.

We will walk you through the practical considerations and we will ensure we understand your own priorities. You may feel that peace-of-mind can be achieved in knowing that - should the worst happen - your mortgage will be paid-off, and any ongoing medical costs covered. We will discuss with you whether a lump-sum pay out would better suit the family’s requirements, or whether a policy designed to replace your monthly income fits better. Often the solution is found in a combination of the different types of cover. Each client will have their own priorities: the ability to continue to meet school fees into the future may be paramount, or perhaps preserving the value of the estate (at least as far as possible) in the event of premature death or very poor health.

Where possible we will propose a suite of family protection policies which provide the most comprehensive cover possible for you and your family. Alternatively your available budget might require some compromise: here we will guide you in prioritising cover most judiciously. Where possible we will build in some flexibility to cover, so that cover levels can be adjusted in the future in the face of changing family circumstances and priorities (such as will be identified in the course of the a regular review meeting we will conduct year-to-year).

Finally we will seek to establish whether the types of cover outlined above are also required for other family members, for example your spouse. We will always seek permission to widen the consideration of family protection needs, for example to include a spouse or a civil-partner, in order to achieve a holistic appraisal of the areas of vulnerability in the event of adverse life events.

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