Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Financial Planning is the essence of the service we at RSJ provide.

At RSJ we are proud of our track-record of forging longstanding relationships with our clients, and it is this which provides the platform for delivering robust and meaningful holistic financial planning.

As a new client to RSJ, we will seek a full understanding of your business, personal and family circumstances, after which we will evaluate your financial situation as it currently stands. This assessment also requires us to understand your objectives and attitude-to-risk, along with specific information regarding future requirements for capital or income.

Following an initial assessment of your financial situation, we may recommend some initial changes and adjustments to your finances if we consider, for instance, that you are currently not using your tax-position to best advantage or, perhaps, that you have existing investments that are a poor fit with your tolerance for investment risk. Equally, we may quickly identify some gaps in family protection which if addressed could quickly provide the peace-of-mind of knowing that your family will be cushioned financially should something happen to you.

From such a base, we will then aim to develop a bespoke financial plan to benefit you and your family for generations. Regular meetings ought to furnish us with the quality of information we need from you regarding your personal and family circumstances, as they evolve over time. Gradually we can then address such areas as retirement planning, the protection of your estate and saving for near-term goals as well as ensuring we maintain an appropriate level of personal and family protection, in line with changing circumstances.

Wealth Management

Not unlike the term ‘Financial Planning’, the expression ‘Wealth Management’ is somewhat generic. The two services are, of course, not mutually exclusive: rather, our Wealth Management proposition is a key component of our financial planning service, in particular for asset-rich clients.

We at RSJ have traditionally specialised in providing a professional Wealth Management service to clients with substantial assets. At its most simple, wealth management is the science of enhancing the financial situation of clients who have already accrued substantial wealth. For such clients, the competing considerations of investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning takes on a different aspect, as a coherent strategy to address all of these issues requires careful thought. For example such clients often find themselves at-or-near HMRC contribution limits for tax-efficient investment vehicles such as personal pensions or, perhaps, time-critical decisions need to be taken around estate planning, often necessitating the establishment of trusts.

From RSJ’s perspective, our wealth management service is designed to deliver a full range of financial services and products to affluent clients in a consultative way. By being consultative, we can be truly client-centred. A wealth management client will have a wide range of investment possibilities and we take care to position their investments to meet their various requirements.

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